Seminario Porta Capuana hub turistico

The seminar ‘Porta Capuana, from deprived area to touristic hub’ will be held in Naples, on April 14 2015 at the Aula Magna of the Federico II University Congress Centre. The event will be an opportunity to share the results of a study aimed at assessing the livability of the Neapolitan district of Porta Capuana. The study has been championed by the Community Psychology Lab of the Department of Humanities in collaboration with the I Love Porta Capuana steering committee.
The research was carried out by a group of undergraduate students in psychology at the University of Naples Federico II, under the supervision of prof. Caterina Arcidiacono.
Outlooks, expectations, and standpoints with regard to the livability and the possibility to make future plans to improve the district, have been gathered by interviewing 360 subjects, among local people and entrepreneurs.
The event will also include a presentation of a feasibility study titled ‘Porta Capuana, the touristic hub of the city of Naples’, which has been developed by the I Love Porta Capuana committee headed by Franco Rendano. The seminar will be a place for talking with representatives of institutional and local associations over the proposals offered during the research on how to develop future plans of participatory urban regeneration.