The  following courses in Community Psychology are held at University Federico II by:

Prof. Caterina Arcidiacono:

  • Community Psychology 3rd year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques
  • Online lessons: (in Italian)
  • Theories and Methodologies of Community Psychology 1st year of Master’s Degree in Dynamic, Clinic, and Community Psychology; and by

prof. Fortuna Procentese:

  • Community Psychology Methodologies, 2nd year of the Master’s Degree in Dynamic, Clinic, and Community Psychology.

The Postgraduate taught “Postgraduate Master” course in Theories and Models in institutional mediation and negotiation in collaboration with the Centro per le Famiglie (Family Centre), the Juvenile Tribunal, and the Ordinary Court of the city of Naples  (Coordinator  dott. Gabriella Ferrari Bravo) is expected to start in 2015.