The Venue

2.The venue 

“Fondazione Mediterraneo” foundation is pleased to welcome in its venue all the participants to the 9thcongress of Community Psychology. Our institution, which for over 20 years has been carrying out activities of peace building and intercultural dialogue across the Euromediterranean area, acts as promoter of the objectives that Community Psychology is carrying forward (i.e. peace, equality, and development). Our venue, which has been in the past the headquarter of the prestigious Grand Hotel de Londres has hosted encounters between scholars, political activists, and heads of state, has arranged forums of civil society and contributed to the actions of EU though its commitment in Anna Lindh Foundation and more recently as leader of RIDE (Italian Network for EuroMediterranean Dialogue) which has promoted in collaboration with the Italian Foreign Ministry. Our network of institutions and organizations is available for collaborating and disseminating the findings of this congress to which I wish greatest success.

The Venue

Fondazione Mediterraneo is located facing the most central Municipality Square, a short distance walk from the port and next to the Subway Station designed bythe renown Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza. This is a place where the same FM is hosted and where different memories, collections, multimedia systems, musical and cultural events are there capturing the visitor’s attention, leading him/her to a unique experience so to leave him/her with a an unforgettable souvenir of Naples: a great city with an ability of thinking in European terms while exuding a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The Grand Hotel de Londres was designed by architect Giovanni Batista Comencini and built between 1895 and 1899. The palace is considered to be the first important example of Art Nouveau, setting a glorious trend in Naples urban landscape, the Neapolitan Liberty: the facade reflects the simplicity of a neo‑renaissance style and includes a number of metal structures, which was quite unusual in those times. The real pride of this building lies in its interior decorations. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, was one of the celebrities lodging in the hotel on the occasion of a Futuristic event taking place at the Mercadante Theater in 1910. It was in October 1921, again in one of the Hotel suites, that the Poet, together with Rodolfo De Angelis and Francesco Cangiullo, composed the “Theatre of Surprise”, a Futuristic Manifesto. Among the celebrities who attended the Grand Hotel de Londres a special mention is reserved to Winston Churchill and Enrico Caruso.

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