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SIPCO proposes a workshop on, carried out by scholars [C. Albanesi,  D. Caso, P. Meringolo, F. Procentese, N. Raina, L. Remaschi, and others]  who are working with Photovoice and/or other techniques founded on images.

The aim is to discuss different ways and methods for use visual instruments, and to give an idea – involving participants – about the process by which people can identify, represent, and enhance their community, focusing on the topic “Building communities beyond the crisis”.

The final products  will be posters that would be presented during the conference.




14.00 -19.00  November  6th 2013

The crisis and the city

Vesuvius hall

This workshop is aimed to experience and discuss different way to carry out community research and intervention through methods that are based on images (Photovoice, Photolanguage; Social Photos…). Participants will be asked to participate and work in small groups, and to use/build images for representing the crisis and the city. Organization, managing and chairing of this workshop is provided by SIPCO Italian Society of Community Psychology to European Conference of Community Psychology (Naples November 7-9, 2013).

C. Albanesi (Dept. of Psychology University of Bologna)

P. Meringolo (Dept. of Education and Psychology, University of Florence)

F. Procentese, D. Caso (Department of Humanities, University of Naples Federico II)

L. Remaschi (LabCom-Research and Action for Psychosocial Well-being, spin-off University of Florence)

Invited guest: Mieko Yoshihama (Professor University of Michigan, School of Social Work)

Language: Italian and English

Participants: max 30 participants


h. 14,00  – Welcome and film: Naples as crisis (by A. Alfano and P. Bussola Association No-Comment

h. 14,20 – Group meeting and warming

h. 14,45 – Building the groups (each of them will be leaded by one facilitator).

Going in the field: taking pictures to give  the images of “The crisis and the city”

h.17,30 – Plenary session (each group refers about its experiences and each facilitator shows his/her methods

in managing a Photo experience)

h. 18,45 – Conclusion.

See also abstracts



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