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is supported by  by the team of psychosocial research that works in an action-research  framework, leveraging on a cooperative and participatory perspective, developing methods and instruments of Community Psychology (INCOPARDE Research Laboratory of the Department of Humanities, University Federico II, Naples). INCOPARDE is directed by Caterina Arcidiacono and constituted by Fortuna Procentese (Professor), Immacolata Di Napoli (PhD, Researcher), Filomena Tuccillo (PhD Researcher) Valentina Manna (PhD Researcher).

It relies on the collaboration to its projects of  Giorgia Borrelli, Agostino Carbone (PhD, Specialist in Psychology), Alessandra Chiurazzi (PhD Researcher), Salvatore Di Martino (PhD Researcher), Daria Grimaldi (PhD Researcher), Alfredo Natale (PhD Researcher), Teresa Tuozzi (Psychologist).

It also makes use of the work of trainees in psychology in collaboration with the department; among the others: Giuliana Miano, Fabrizio De Carlo (PhD Student), Miriam Cozzolino and many others young psychologists involved in community psychology issues.

International collaboration relies on the collaboration of:  Francesca Esposito (ISPA, PhD Researcher), Francesca Ferrando (Researcher Columbia University), Heiner Legewie (Emeritus  Technische Universitaet, Berlin) Susanna Rota (Master, London School of Economics), Serena Tagliacozzo (London College, Phd Student).

The activities of the INCORPADE Laboratory are also endorsed by other scholars of the Department (Adele Nunziante Cesaro, Giovanna Petrillo, Daniela Caso)

Web project: Francesco Muollo, PhD Researcher